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Premier Healthcare Management Liability Insurance

A Pinnacle of Protection for Premier Alliance Members

At Premier Insurance, we understand that guiding a healthcare institution is a high-stakes endeavor. With Premier Healthcare Management Liability Insurance, exclusively developed with CapSpecialty, we bring you a comprehensive insurance program that’s as dynamic as the healthcare space you navigate.

Key Features:
  • Customizable Policies: Our portfolio is designed with the knowledge that no two institutions are the same. We offer an array of products that speak directly to the nuanced needs of your organization.
  • Premier Commitment: Benefit from the collective expertise of a team committed to underwriting and claims management, all under the trusted umbrella of Premier. The assurance of having Premier on your side means your interests are prioritized, offering you peace of mind and a confident path forward.
  • Unwavering Support: With the financial backing of Berkshire Hathaway, your institution’s future is built on a foundation of strength and stability.
Why Choose Premier:
  • Exclusive Coverage: From Directors & Officers Liability to Employment Practices Liability, we cover a wide spectrum of potential risks, ensuring that you are protected on all fronts.
  •  Relevant Solutions: Whether it’s an administration error in employee benefits or a need for specialized claim expense coverage, our products are designed to address every contingency with foresight.
  • National Expertise, Tailored Care: Our policies provide comprehensive protection across the United States, with specialized attention that understands and addresses the intricacies of each state’s regulations and healthcare environments. Experience confidence backed by a nationally recognized standard of care.

Ready to elevate your healthcare management liability protection? Contact Ann R. Wozny, our Vice President of Business Development, to customize your coverage today.

Contact Information:
Mobile: 402.578.3040
Office: 704.816.4380

In the world of healthcare management, you can expect Premier Insurance to source Relevant Insurance Solutions at the Right Time with the Right Partners™. Let us protect your leadership and ensure your organization’s legacy. We deliver confidence and peace of mind.

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